INT1 (PP) - Implementing Britain’s Ocean City

This policy is part of the Plymouth Plan which was approved by Plymouth City Council Full councillors on 27/02/2017.

The City will create worldwide recognition and interest in Plymouth and use Mayflower 400 in 2020 as a key catalyst and driver to bring in more investment, attract more visitors and make Plymouth's case at a national and international level, by:

  1. Raising the international profile of Plymouth through increasingly and consistently promoting the Britain’s Ocean City brand in all promotional plans for Plymouth.
  2. Proactively seeking the highest quality of architecture on key and prominent city centre and waterfront sites, which reflects and enhances Plymouth's unique maritime and heritage offer, using architectural competitions where appropriate.
  3. Celebrating Plymouth's unique coastal location by valuing our blue and green spaces and the link to physical activities, recreational opportunities and fishing industry, and through achievement of National Marine Park status for the Plymouth Sound and its surrounds.
  4. Investigating and delivering on opportunities to build and strengthen links with other cities around the world for mutual benefit. This will include:
      1. Exploring the benefits of increased international links for trade, study, tourism and culture.
      2. Identifying a coordinated approach to maximising the City's collective international links through businesses, visitors, cultural activity, education and research institutions and the Council.
      3. Exploring opportunities for schools and colleges to further strengthen international relationships through learning.
      4. Building trade links in our key productivity sectors (defence, marine and health and life sciences).