HEA4 (PP) - Playing an active role in the community

This policy is part of the Plymouth Plan which was approved by Plymouth City Council Full councillors on 27/02/2017.

The City will enable engaged and supportive communities by:

  1. Providing joined up and effective support at the request of communities from the most appropriate organisations to:     
      1. Improve access to the information, advice and evidence needed to support collaborative decision making and ensure communities and voluntary organisations are informed of their rights.
      2. Promote self-help and targeted volunteering through the Cities of Service programme to support locally led solutions, reduce the need for ‘professional help’ and support positive outcomes for all.
      3. Encourage intergenerational dialogue to create greater understanding and empathy between generations within communities.
      4. Encourage health and cultural opportunities that are community led or involve communities and increase the quality of life for residents.
  2. Supporting communities that wish to improve their local areas by:
      1. Providing guidance on the most effective tool to achieve their intended outcomes over the long term.
      2. Devolving budgets where possible to enable community aspirations to be delivered or facilitation of shared decision making, such as participatory budgeting.
      3. Providing guidance and support to those communities who want to protect local services, own assets or run services in the city.
      4. Recognising and supporting the benefits of temporary and meanwhile uses of empty shops and public spaces that can add value to local communities.
  3. Supporting children and young people’s rights to play an active role in the civic life of the city and provide opportunities for the residents of Plymouth to recognise and celebrate the creative talents of the city’s younger generation.
  4. Ensuring that as a city we understand and recognise the social value and impact that the voluntary and community sector make and that there is a joined up approach to attracting investment.
  5. Sharing knowledge through open data and information which enables communities to have informed engagement, make suggestions for changes and initiate actions relating to their services and lifestyles.