INT8 (PP) - Celebrating diverse communities

This policy is part of the Plymouth Plan which was approved by Plymouth City Council Full councillors on 27/02/2017.

As the city grows and attracts new international businesses, visitors and students, Plymouth will need to strengthen its reputation as a welcoming, multicultural city where a broad range of partners promote the benefits of diversity and challenge unfair discrimination. Plymouth will be a fair city where people take pride in their communities, are listened to and can make a real contribution to Plymouth as a place to live, work and visit.

The City will:

  1. Ensure that the needs of different communities of geography, identity and interest are respected, celebrated, and valued for and enabled in their contribution to the economy and culture of the city.
  2. Ensure that people feel safe and secure, with good levels of community cohesion and where people from different backgrounds get on well together.
  3. Ensure that as service providers it understands and responds to the needs of all Plymouth's communities and service users.
  4. Ensure that all communities have access to contribute to, lead and develop place based projects in the city and this work is profiled and supported accordingly.
  5. Ensure that young people are prepared for a life in a modern, globalised and increasingly diverse Britain, enabling them to take up their roles in the Plymouth of the 21st Century.
  6. Deal with hate crime effectively and efficiently.