SO3 (PP) - Delivering the international city

This policy is part of the Plymouth Plan which was approved by Plymouth City Council Full councillors on 27/02/2017.

To enhance Plymouth’s profile as an international city where the city projects itself to people who might invest, study or visit the city; to encourage and support Plymouth’s businesses to engage in trading terms in an increasingly global market place; and to ensure the city fulfils its potential as a distinctive, dynamic, cultural centre of international renown. This will be achieved by:

  1. Driving productivity through support for the growth of internationally significant businesses, including those with sovereign / defence capabilities, attracting new investment into the city (e.g. through establishing a Marine Technology Park at Oceansgate) and encouraging all businesses to expand trading in the global market place.
  2. Raising the profile of Plymouth internationally through it's Britain’s Ocean City brand and Mayflower 400 in 2020 as a key catalyst and driver, and through the presence of the UK’s first National Marine Park.
  3. Promoting Plymouth as an internationally competitive tourist destination, with improving road, rail, air and sea and digital connectivity, providing an accessible visitor experience which capitalises on the city’s world class waterfront and maritime heritage and natural and built heritage assets, and delivers a long standing economic legacy for the city.
  4. Establishing Plymouth as a distinctive, vibrant, cultural city known on the international stage for its rich heritage, creative industries and unparallelled natural setting, having an equally strong appeal for residents, students, visitors and investors.
  5. Providing innovative, high quality architectural development to set the city apart and create an attractive, forward looking environment.
  6. Providing a full range of hotel and visitor accommodation, including new high quality provision, to ensure that there is adequate accommodation capacity for all visitors.
  7. Recognising Plymouth internationally as a leading green city.
  8. Further developing our universities, research institutions and knowledge based industries which are widely known for their innovation and world class assets.
  9. Delivering a strong, diverse and dynamic city that welcomes new residents, students and visitors and that celebrates cultural diversity.