Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon residents given greater say in planning their community

Mar 22, 2022

Residents will be able to use innovative digital tools to have a greater say on planning and regeneration in their area the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) announced today (Monday 21 March).  

Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon have been awarded £285,000 under the PropTech Engagement Fund and is one of 28 projects across England selected to adopt new digital technology to make the planning process more open, engaging and accessible to local communities. 

The funding will be used to produce a set of interactive maps for residents to identify what future infrastructure is needed in their local area, to ensure communities have a great influence on planning policies and delivery plans 

Modernising the planning system and using digital technology will help increase community participation in local decision making, including underrepresented groups such as renters and those from black and ethnic minority groups. By empowering communities and giving local people greater say in shaping their neighbourhoods, towns and cities in this way supports the government’s efforts to level up across the country. 

Read more about the PropTech Engagement Fund on GOV.UK: New digital tools to help residents have their say on local developments

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Joint Local Plan Partnership Board Annual General Meeting February 2022

Mar 02, 2022

The JLP Partnership Board Annual General Meeting was held on 21 February and is available to view on YouTube

The Board unanimously agreed to:

  • Approve the Authorities Monitoring Report 2020/21 for publication on the websites.
  • Approve for the purposes of public consultation the Climate Emergency Planning Policy and Guidance Consultation Document.
  • Agree transitionary arrangements that the Climate Emergency Planning Policy and Guidance will only take effect once adopted.
  • Approve the use of this process to also consult on the inclusion in the Local Validation Lists of the Councils, of a requirement for planning applicants to submit a Statement of Compliance with the planning application.

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Your views on plans for climate change measures in all new development

Mar 02, 2022

Features such as solar panels, ground or air source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging facilities will be fitted as standard on all new homes and commercial buildings under proposals being put forward in the draft Plymouth and South West Devon Climate Emergency Planning Policy and Guidance.

Other measures will see more habitat and green space designed into developments, which increases biodiversity and brings health and wellbeing benefits to residents. These measures will also go some way to mitigate against rising global temperatures.

We’ve launched a consultation to get the views of residents, campaigners and developers across the area about the proposals, which if approved, could come into effect as early as June.

The proposals would apply to all new planning applications for all new buildings, including some extensions across the Joint Local Plan area – an area covering 2,126 square kilometres, with a population of 401,567.

Since 2014, across the area, around 10,000 new homes have been built and around 14,700 have planning consent with 1,474 currently under construction.  The new measures, if they get the green light, would apply to new planning applications only.

Most of these measures will soon be a requirement under the Government’s new building regulations, and will have to be included in new development.  This means the costs will soon be non-negotiable and all three councils are keen to ensure that affordable homes in particular have these features fitted as standard. 

Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon already work closely together through the Joint Local Plan and councillors across each of the local authorities have signed up to this new policy proposal.

The climate emergency planning policy and guidance consultation will run for seven weeks from midday on Thursday 3 March 2022 until Thursday 21 April 2022.

Get involved in the climate conversation and visit by 21 April 2022 to let us have your views. 

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Joint Local Plan Partnership Board Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Feb 08, 2022

If you are interested in what our new Climate Emergency Planning Policy and Guidance Consultation Document means for new development, watch the Joint Local Plan Partnership Board AGM on Monday, 21 February 2022 at 11am.

This is the second AGM of the Board and all elected Members from across the three Local Planning Authorities of Plymouth City Council, South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council have been invited.  This is an opportunity for the public to learn how we are positively addressing the Climate Emergency. If the new Planning Policy and Guidance Consultation Document is agreed by the Board there will be a six week public consultation to hear your views on the measures we are proposing.

This meeting will also consider the latest Monitoring Report and progress made towards the key plan indicators.

The live stream will be hosted by South Hams and West Devon. You can watch the live streams using the links below:

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Developer Contributions Evidence Base

Jan 12, 2022

The Developer Contributions Evidence Base document has been updated. This companion document updates the formulas and calculations used to determine the contributions required for mitigating the impact of development. It has been endorsed by the JLP Partnership Board and will be used with immediate effect to guide the negotiation of Section 106 Agreements. Its use is subject to transitionary arrangements that recognise schemes currently within the planning process may have already concluded negotiations on the current methodology. 

You can view the updated document on our Supplementary Planning Document web page. 

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