TTV28 - Horse related developments in the countryside

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Horse related developments will be supported where:

  1. There is adequate land and, for commercial uses, adequate off-road riding facilities available for the number of horses to be kept on the land.
  2. Existing buildings are reused where possible but where new buildings are necessary, these are well-related to existing buildings, commensurate in size with the number of horses to be kept on the land and the amount of land available for use by those horses.
  3. There is an agreed comprehensive scheme of management for any ancillary development including hardstanding, access roads, parking, fencing, lighting, storage, waste disposal, manèges and sub division of fields.
  4. The proposal, either on its own or cumulatively, with other horse related uses in the area, is compatible with its surroundings and adequately protects water courses, groundwater and the safety of all road users.