DEV13 - Consideration of sites for Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

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New sites for Travellers and Travelling Showpeople will be permitted where they are part of, or can demonstrate that they will contribute to the creation of a sustainable linked neighbourhood or sustainable rural community. Development proposals will be considered in relation to the following provisions:

1.     New sites should not be located in the open countryside away from existing settlements.

2.     The scale of any development must not be such as to dominate the nearest settled community and should avoid placing an undue pressure on the local infrastructure.

3.     Safe and convenient vehicular, pedestrian, and cycling access must be provided to the site, and proposals should minimise impacts on the local highways network.

4.     The site must be large enough to provide for adequate on-site facilities for parking, storage, play and residential amenity.

5.     Full consideration will be given to the effect of the proposed site on local environmental quality (such as noise and air quality) on the health and well-being of any Travellers that may locate there or on others as a result of new development. Particular care will be needed in relation to the provision of mixed-use yards and space for storage of equipment.

6.     New sites in areas at high risk of flooding, including functional floodplains, will not be permitted given the particular vulnerability of caravans.

7.     Full consideration will be given to the landscape impacts of any proposals, and measure to mitigate impacts will be sought.