DEV25 - Undeveloped coast

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Development which would have a detrimental effect on the undeveloped and unspoilt character, appearance or tranquility of the Undeveloped Coast, estuaries, and the Heritage Coast will not be permitted except under exceptional circumstances.

1.     Development will only be permitted in the undeveloped coast where the development:

2.    Can demonstrates that it requires a coastal location.

3.    It cannot reasonably be located outside the Undeveloped Coast.

4.     Protects, maintains and enhances the unique landscape and seascape character and special qualities of the area.

5.    Is consistent with policy statements for the local policy unit in the Shoreline Management Plan 2.

Development for the purposes of agriculture, forestry, public access and enjoyment of the coast and estuaries, or community facilities that meet the objectively assessed needs of the local community, will be supported if it meets the above tests.