DEV29 - Green and play spaces (including Strategic Green Spaces, Local Green Spaces and undesignated green spaces)

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan is now at the public examination stage. Keep up to date with what's happening on our Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Examination page.

The LPA’s will protect and support a diverse and multi-functional network of green space. The following provisions apply:

1.     Development that would result in an unacceptable conflict with the function(s) or characteristic of Strategic Green Spaces and Local Green Spaces (Plymouth Policy Area) will be resisted. In these areas development will normally only be permitted where it enhances the value of the green space, for example through sports, allotment and play provision, lighting, cafes, educational uses and sustainable transport routes.

2.     The acceptability of development on or adjacent to other green spaces, including neighbourhood green spaces, will be assessed in relation to the impacts of development on the function(s) and characteristics of the green space and taking account of the plan's green space and play accessibility standards. Development will be resisted on sites where the functions and characteristics of the greenspace will be lost and mitigation is not possible.

3.       The quality and quantity of accessible green space and play space should be improved in line with local targets and standards for the provision of greenspace and play space. This can be delivered through on-site provision or financial contributions to off-site provision where appropriate.

4.     Local deficiencies in the accessibility and quality of green space and play space should be addressed in development, in line with local standards.