DEV31 - Specific provisions relating to transport

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Development will be required to contribute positively to the achievement of a high quality, effective and safe transport system in the Plan Area which promotes sustainable transport choices and facilitates sustainable growth. Development proposals should therefore, where appropriate:

1.     Consider the impact of development on the wider transport network.

2.     Provide safe and satisfactory traffic movement and vehicular access to and within the site.

3.     Ensure sufficient provision and management of car parking in order to protect the amenity of surrounding residential areas and ensure safety of the highway network.

4.     Limit / control the overall level of car parking provision at employment, retail and other destination locations.

5.     Provide for high quality, safe and convenient facilities for walking, cycling, public transport and zero emission vehicles.

6.     Mitigate the environmental impacts of transport including air quality and noise pollution.

7.     Incorporate travel planning, including Personalised Travel Planning (PTP), which helps to maximise the use of sustainable transport in relation to the travel demands generated by the development and limit the impact of the development on the road network.

8.     Ensure that access and infrastructure delivered as part of the development meets the need for walking, cycling and public transport connectivity both within the development and in the wider area alongside supporting place-shaping objectives.

9.     Contribute to meeting the wider strategic transport infrastructure needs generated by the cumulative impact of development in the area.

10.  Locate new homes in locations that can enable safe, secure walking, cycling and public transport access to local services and amenities.