PLY11 - Cornwall Street West, City Centre

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Land at Cornwall Street West is allocated for mixed use, including commercial and housing, retention of coach station and new multi-storey car parks accessed from Mayflower Street. Provision is made for in the order of 79 homes.

Development should provide for the following:

1.     High quality design to replace poorer quality developments and deliver a greater level of activity, floorspace and diversity of land uses.

2.     Buildings of between 5-6 storeys in height (6-8 storeys along Armada Way frontage).

3.     An enhanced arrival point to the City Centre providing for high quality public car parking in a multi-storey format with vehicular access direct from Mayflower Street and seamless pedestrian connections into Cornwall Street.

4.     A north / south connection through the block which provides smaller scale spaces in the City Centre to support a greater range of land uses.

5.     Enhanced setting of the coach station with new build frontage and improved direct pedestrian and cycle access to the car park and to all surrounding streets.

6.     Further enhancements as required to support a high quality of environment and facilities at the coach station.