PLY13 - Royal Assurance site, Armada Way, City Centre

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Land at Armada Way is allocated for retail led mixed use through sensitive refurbishment and extension of the existing buildings of high quality, including housing on upper floors.  Provision is made for in the order of 110 homes.  Expansion of existing spaces will be enabled by internal reconfiguration, extension of the buildings to the rear and/or the sensitive inclusion of additional floors.  

Development should provide for the following:

  1. Recognition of the high heritage and architectural value of the buildings and the protection and enhancement of these in any external alterations.
  2. Possible additional building storeys, up to a maximum building height of 8 storeys to Armada Way and 6 storeys to other streets, where these can be accommodated set-back from the building line and subordinate in appearance to the main elevation.
  3. Respect for the strong building lines on Armada Way, Royal Parade and New George Street.
  4. Enhancements of shop fronts and existing canopies to better reflect the qualities of the upper floors.
  5. Active ground floor frontage to all public streets and spaces.
  6. Servicing to the rear of the buildings.