PLY15 - Civic Centre and Council House Site

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The Civic Centre and Council House site will continue to play a key role in the civic life of Plymouth as well as providing new opportunities, through the retention of civic functions, the reuse of the existing buildings, and the delivery of new development on the existing surface level car park.  New uses which will be acceptable include residential, offices, hotel, restaurants, bars, leisure and cultural uses.  Provision is made for in the order of 248 new homes as part of the mix of uses.

Development should provide for the following: 

1.    The reuse and enhancement of the listed Civic Centre and Council House.

2.    Enhancement of the Civic Square, a registered park and garden.

3.    The retention of civic functions within the existing Council House building.

4.     Active ground floor frontages to Armada Way, Royal Parade, Princess Street, Old George Street, The Bank and Theatre Royal.

5.     New build development on the existing surface level car park which optimises the use of the site but respects the historic and architectural interest and setting of the Civic Centre and Council House, Plymouth Theatre Royal and The Bank.