PLY25 - Sugar House, Sutton Harbour

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Land at Sugar House, Sutton Harbour is allocated for residential-led mixed use development. Provision is made for in the order of 160 homes.

Development should provide for the following:

  1. A development which respects the site's heritage assets and context, as informed by a detailed heritage character assessment to be undertaken for the proposal. 
  2. High quality architecture that responds positively to the site’s heritage and Sutton Harbour’s historic character and distinctiveness.
  3. Active ground floor frontages to enliven all public streets and spaces – including on the quayside and Sutton Road.
  4. Public access to and along the site’s waterfront and a new pedestrian routes linking from Sutton Road to the quayside – providing a framed view from the waterfront to St John’s Church.
  5. High quality public realm including new quayside public open space and a proportionate contribution to the Sutton Harbour Heritage Trail, public art and heritage interpretation.
  6. Opportunities for water access for leisure.
  7. Innovative car parking solutions to reduce the visual impact of vehicles on the public realm.
  8. Flood resistant and resilient design and contributions towards the upgrade and improvement of existing flood defences, as set out in line with Environment Agency advice.