PLY32 - Stonehouse Barracks

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Land at Stonehouse Barracks is allocated for a mixed use development, the final nature, form and scale of which is determined following the completion of a detailed assessment of the site's heritage assets and the preparation of a masterplan.  Subject to confirmation through this process, provision is made for 400 new homes.  Other uses to be provided as part of the mix include appropriate local facilities to support the new and existing residents and to enhance the sustainability of the existing area, with opportunity also to provide a high quality hotel with facilities to support local businesses and event, and small scale retail and office uses.

Development should provide for the following:

  1. A development which respects the site's heritage assets and context, as informed by a detailed heritage character assessment to be undertaken for the proposal. 
  2. High quality sensitive restoration and reuse of the site's historic buildings, including retention and restoration of the Globe Theatre as a community facility.
  3. New build development which positively responds to and complements the historic character of the Barracks.
  4. Retention of the artificial grass pitch for community use. 
  5. Retention of key infrastructure on the site relating to the management of Plymouth's waters.
  6. Measures to ensure the improvement of surface water management to protect Plymouth's waters and the safeguarding of the waterfront from coastal flooding.
  7. Retention of the harbour and the site's slipways and marine recreational facilities.
  8. Enhancing the natural spaces of the site, and protecting the city and coastal views from the site, for the enjoyment of both local people and visitors.
  9. Design and juxtaposition of uses that responds to the continued and expanded operation of the ferry port, with appropriate noise mitigation measures provided in development.
  10. Comprehensive high quality public realm enhancements.
  11. Appropriate measures to celebrate the military heritage of the site.
  12. Delivery of an access strategy to ensure that the transport impacts of the development are appropriately managed and mitigated.
  13. A good quality pedestrian and cycling access route as close to the waterfront perimeter of the site as practicable, linking to and enabling the extension of the South West Coast Path and National Cycle Network Route 27.
  14. An appropriate Design Code, to be agreed prior to any development being approved.