PLY33 - Oceansgate

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The Plymouth LPA supports the implementation of the existing planning permissions and strategic masterplan relating to the strategic development proposals for the Oceansgate project at South Yard.  Any significant changes to the approved schemes will need to be supported by a revised strategic masterplan and historic character assessment.  Development will need to be sensitive to the re-use of historic buildings and respect the character of the site, whilst recognising there is a need to modernise and adapt the site for twenty-first century use.  

Provision is made for a Marine Industries Production Campus comprising employment and café use redevelopment of 5.88ha of South Yard (Areas 1 and 5) comprising demolition of some existing buildings, retention and reuse of other existing buildings for A3, B1 (a), (b) and (c), B2 and B8 Class uses and erection of new buildings and ancillary development. 

 The following key principles should be continued in any later revisions to the approved schemes:

  1. Delivery of high quality design which preserves and enhances the setting of the adjacent listing buildings.
  2. Public art and other appropriate measures to celebrate the military heritage of the site.
  3. Measures to ensure the improvement of surface water management, in accordance with the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.