PLY34 - Union Street

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The role of Union Street will be promoted as an urban street connecting the west of the city and linking the communities of north and south of Stonehouse. It will provide a mix of uses along its length, with high quality building design and associated public realm improvements. Development proposals should provide for: 

  1. The preservation and enhancement of the historic character of the Union Street Conservation Area. 
  2. Opportunities to improve connections from the areas north of Union Street to the areas south of the street.
  3. Between the Palace Theatre and Stonehouse Bridge:
      1. A more urban scale to the western end of Union Street with building heights at between 3 and 5 storeys along the street frontage.
      2. Continuity of street frontage along the length of the street.
      3. A range of uses, including residential, community uses, commercial, leisure and offices, with active ground floors and residential or other uses above.
      4. Supporting the viability and vitality of the existing local centre.
  4. Between the Palace Theatre and the junction with Western Approach
      1. The introduction of other uses such as commercial, offices, retail, leisure and residential to encourage increased daytime activity in the street.
      2. A limit to more late night uses so that there is no increase in the number of, or floorspace, for nightclub uses.
      3. A high quality restoration of the Palace Theatre, appropriate to the special architectural and historic character of the building that provides daytime as well as night time activity.
  5. Safeguarding of development and people from coastal flooding.