INT5 (PP) - Celebrating Plymouth's sporting excellence

This policy is part of the Plymouth Plan which was approved by Plymouth City Council Full councillors on 27/02/2017.

The City will promote and celebrate Plymouth's reputation for sporting success and its provision of first class sports facilities by:

  1. Establishing Plymouth as a nationally and internationally recognised venue for sporting events, particularly in aquatic/water sports and mass participation outdoor sports.
  2. Developing an international major events calendar to raise the profile of Plymouth as a leading international sports destination.
  3. Seeking opportunities to celebrate the successes of the city’s sport’s clubs and athletes, and assisting them to expand and improve their facilities and performance.
  4. Recognising and supporting the work and achievements of locally led sports clubs and the positive impact they have on communities.
  5. Working with partners to provide swimming programmes for schools so that as many primary aged children learn to swim as possible.
  6. Working with Plymouth Marjon University and Plymouth University to raise the profile of their sports specialisms, particularly the work with elite athletes.