TTV10 - Land at Stibb Lane

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Land at Stibb Lane is allocated for housing.  Provision is made for in the order of 100 new homes. Development should provide for the following:

1.     A quality form of development which integrates with the existing housing.

2.     Safe and attractive pedestrian and cycle connections for residents to access local facilities and services, including the station and local schools.

3.     An appropriate strategy to mitigate for any impact on the Western Road Air Quality Management Area.

4.     Strategic landscaping to help mitigate any adverse visual impact on Dartmoor National Park, and to soften the edges of the development onto the undeveloped countryside. The scale, design, and the northern and western extents of development should ensure that it is not overly prominent when viewed from the surrounding countryside, paying particular regard to views from Dartmoor.

5.     A site wide Sustainable Drainage Strategy to ensure that drainage requirements can be met on site and are designed to deliver landscape, biodiversity and amenity benefits.