TTV12 - Other sites allocations at Kingsbridge

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The following additional sites at Kingsbridge are allocated for development.

Site Proposal Est. of housing provision/employment floorspace Policy considerations/things to be provided for by the development
1North West of Kingsbridge
Housing111 homes
    1. Open space and strategic landscaping to the western edge of the site and the creation of a landscape framework throughout the development.
    2. Provision and maintenance of a surface water drainage scheme.
    3. Mitigation of highway impacts, including safety and congestion.
    4. No development in Flood Zone 2 or Flood Zone 3.
    5. Careful consideration of scale and appearance of development, and the lighting of the site, to minimise wider landscape impacts.
    6. No exacerbating of water quality issues within the Salcombe to Kingsbridge SSSI.