TTV17 - Land at Exeter Road, Okehampton

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Land at Exeter Road is allocated for employment use.  Provision is made for in the    order    of    35,000    sqm    of    B1b,c,  B2 and B8 employment floorspace. Development should provide for the following:

1.     Strategic landscaping to address the site’s scale and prominence and to help mitigate any adverse visual impact on the Dartmoor National Park, and to soften the edges onto the undeveloped countryside.

2.     Delivery of an access strategy to ensure that the transport impacts of the development are appropriately managed and mitigated.

3.     A well defined and high quality frontage along Exeter Road.

4.     Support and not prejudice the provision of a new railway station and associated facilities in the east of the town and the potential to reintroduce a full rail passenger service from Okehampton.

5.     Enable the relocation and/or expansion of existing businesses from Okehampton and the surrounding area.

6.     Support high value, high productivity sectors.

7.     Support and not prejudice the delivery of an access road to the east to land at Stockley.

8.     An appropriate strategy to mitigate for any impact on air quality within the town centre.