DEV12 - Purpose built student accommodation in the Plymouth Policy Area

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The provision of purpose built student accommodation in the Plymouth Policy Area will not be supported unless the following criteria can be adequately addressed:

1.     The development meets an identified need for the type of accommodation proposed.

2.     The development is in an appropriate location, which is easily accessible to university/college facilities by sustainable travel modes.

3.     The proposal does not result in an excessive concentration of student accommodation in one locality.

4.    The proposal does not result in a harmful loss of an existing use.

5.     The layout, design and facilities provided within the development is of a high standard and meet identified student needs including adequate laundry provisions, communal space and social learning facilities.

6.     The development does not conflict with adjacent uses or the general amenity of the surrounding area.

7.     Appropriate management plans are submitted ensuring that a positive and safe living environment is created for students and to minimise the potential negative impacts on the local community.

8.     Detailed arrivals plans are submitted ensuring that adequate facilities are in place to accommodate vehicular movements in particular at the start and end of terms.

9.     All proposals are future proofed in terms of design to support potential alternative uses as appropriate

10.  The levels of on street parking required can be reasonably accommodated or regulated through parking control measures (SA).

11.  There is adequate storage for recycling/refuse and cycles (SA)