DEV2 - Air, water, soil, noise and land

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan is now at the public examination stage. Keep up to date with what's happening on our Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Examination page.

Development proposals which will cause unacceptable harm to human health, the natural environment and general amenity by unacceptable levels of soil, air, water or noise pollution or land instability will not be permitted. Development should:  

1.     Avoid or mitigate against harmful environmental impacts and health risks from air, water, land and noise pollution.

2.     Where located in an Air Quality Management Area, mitigate its impact through positively contributing towards the implementation of measures contained within air quality action plans and transport programmes, and through building design and layout which helps minimise air quality impacts.

3.     Prevent deterioration and where appropriate protect, enhance and restore water quality.

4.     Limit the impact of light pollution on local amenity, intrinsically dark landscapes and nature conservation.

5.     Protect soils, safeguarding the long term potential of best and most versatile agricultural land and conserving soil resources.

6.     Maintain and where appropriate improve the noise environment in accordance with the Noise Policy Statement for England (including any subsequent updates).

7.    Not cause an adverse effect on the integrity of a European Site (see Policy SPT11).