DEV9 - Meeting local housing need in the Plan Area

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan has now been adopted! To find out more please visit the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Adoption page.

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The following additional provisions for the delivery of a range and mix of housing to meet local housing needs shall apply to the Plan Area;

  1. Affordable housing could include social and affordable rent, shared ownership, and innovative housing models that meet the local demand/need, such as rent-to-buy, starter homes and shared equity as appropriate.
  2. Self and custom build housing will be supported providing they meet the over-arching sustainable development, general amenity and design policies. The LPAs will:
      1. Negotiate the identification of suitable plots on major development sites to meet this need.
      2. Encourage the provision of serviced plots and co-housing schemes.
      3. Be proactive in exploring ways to ensure sufficient plots are consented to meet the duty set out in the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Regulations.
  3. The LPAs will support development which increases choice in housing by greater utilisation of the private rented sector, including new build private rented accommodation (Build to Rent).
  4. A mix of accessible housing units will be sought in new housing schemes, representative of the wider housing mix of the development including:
      1. Requiring at least 20 per cent of dwellings on all schemes of five or more dwellings (including conversions), where practicable, to meet national standards for accessibility and adaptability (Category M4(2) of Building Regulations).
      2. Requiring at least 2 per cent of dwellings on all schemes of 50 or more dwellings (including new build housing and conversions) to meet national standards for wheelchair user homes (Category M4(3) of Building Regulations). Category M4(3) dwellings will be counted as contributing towards the category M4(2) dwelling requirement.