PLY29 - Millbay Waterfront

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The Plymouth LPA supports the implementation of the existing planning permissions and strategic masterplan relating to the strategic development proposals for Millbay Waterfront.  Development will create a new sustainable mixed use neighbourhood which meets the needs of the new community as well as acting as a major destination and attractive international gateway. The proposals provide for 742 new homes, including extra care homes, 12,500 sq.m. B1 offices, as well as small-scale retail, food and drink uses, leisure, hotel, marine related uses and facilities for marine and other events and a multi-storey car park.   Any significant changes to the approved schemes will need to be supported by a revised strategic masterplan.

Development should provide for the following:

  1. Delivery of a high quality boulevard link from the City Centre to Millbay's quayside, including strategic crossings across Bath Street and to the City Centre.
  2. High quality public realm with public access to and along the quayside walkways around the harbour, including connections to the South West Coast Path and the National Cycle Network with new public access to West Hoe and the Stonehouse Peninsula, as well as major new open space for marine and other events.
  3. High quality architecture, with tall buildings at appropriate positions such as the key corners and landmark locations, including an iconic building at Millbay pier.
  4. Active uses at ground floor level.
  5. Public leisure access to the water.
  6. Safeguarding the operation of the adjacent working port.
  7. Water taxi service from Clyde Quay.
  8. Conserving and enhancing the setting of the listed RNLI building and Grand Parade at Millbay Marina.
  9. Safeguarding marine-related uses and deep water berthing facilities.
  10. Measures to ensure resistance and resilience to coastal flooding and improvement of surface water management, in accordance with the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.