PLY37 - Strategic infrastructure measures for the City Centre and Waterfront Growth Area.

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The following key strategic infrastructure measures will be provided during the plan period, in addition to proposals identified in other policies of this plan, in order to support the delivery of the strategy for the City Centre and Waterfront Growth Area:

1.     City Centre public realm and transport improvements to improve circulation and encourage investment, including:

 i.      Capacity increases, including bus priority improvements, to the A374, A379 (Exeter Street) and the A386 including North Cross roundabout, Charles Cross, Western Approach, Union Street, St Andrews Cross and Derrys Cross and Drake Circus junction improvements.

ii.     Armada Way public realm; incorporating City Centre Strategic Cycle Network and walking improvements

iii.    Improvements to Royal Parade to ensure a positive sense of arrival and sufficient capacity for buses.

2.     Millbay Boulevard and related public realm and transport improvements to enhance the link between the City Centre and waterfront.

3.     Improvements to international ferry facilities and a new cruise liner terminal, and associated local road network improvements.

4.     Other City Centre and waterfront public realm and transport improvements to support Mayflower 400.

5.    New coach station at Mayflower Street.

6.    New and improved public car parking in the City Centre.

7.    Strategic drainage improvements.

8.     City Centre / Waterfront Strategic Cycling and Walking network improvements.

9.    Upgrading of flood defences - including replacement of Sutton Harbour Lock Bridge, improvements to West Pier, and strengthening of the Breakwater in Plymouth Sound.

10.  New primary school in the City Centre area (site still to be identified).