PLY40 - Seaton Neighbourhood

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The LPA supports the implementation of the existing planning permissions and strategic masterplan relating to the strategic development proposals for Seaton Neighbourhood, including a western extension of the site adjacent to Charlton Crescent.  Development will create a new sustainable mixed use neighbourhood, located either side of the new Forder Valley Link Road, as part of the new heart for the north of Plymouth. The proposals provide for 933 new homes together with a new local centre to serve the neighbourhood and employment opportunities in the form of 8,000 sq.m. B1 business space. Any significant changes to the approved schemes will need to be supported by a revised strategic masterplan.

The following key principles should be continued in any later revisions to the approved schemes, including the westward extension:

  1. The section of the Forder Valley Link Road through the site must be fully completed before December 2019 to enable timely completion of the full Forder Valley Link Road which creates sufficient highway capacity to enable development to be built out in full.
  2. Delivery of the Seaton Local Centre offering a mix of uses, including shops and services.  The amount of retail floorspace in the local centre should be limited to that required only to meet the day-to-day needs of the development, given the proximity to the proposed Derriford Commerical Centre.  
  3. Delivery of business space along the William Prance Road frontage to ensure the creation of a mixed use environment integrated with the Plymouth International Medical and Technology Park and the Seaton Local Centre which provides local employment opportunities and an active street frontage.  
  4. Review of access arrangements in relation to the westward extension site adjacent to Charlton Crescent.
  5. Financial contribution to meeting the strategic transport infrastructure needs of the development.
  6. Good connections into and sensitive boundaries with the Community Park.
  7. The need for provision of open space and effective landscaping treating having regard to the site's prominent position in the landscape setting of the area.