PLY42 - Plymouth Airport

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The Plymouth airport site is safeguarded for aviation uses until next review of this plan. Development proposals which come forward within the period until this review will be considered in accordance with the following provisions:

1.     Any development at the airport site itself, or on nearby sites, which will prejudice the future resumption of aviation use of the site will not be permitted.

2.     Proposals that remove key airport infrastructure will not be permitted. This includes:

i.      Main Terminal Building.

ii.     Runway 13/31 (asphalt), within Code 2 grassed runway strip and RESAs.

iii.    Airport Apron (situated between the main terminal building and taxiway Charlie).

iv.    Maintenance Hangar.

v.     Engine Testing Bay.

vi.     Fire Station.

vii.  Fire Training Facility.

viii.  Control Tower.

ix.    Fuel Storage Facility.

x.     Navigation and Visual Aids.

xi.    Approach Lighting (both within and outside of the airport boundary). 

xii.  The runway and areas for aircraft to taxi.

3.     Uses of a temporary nature and which do not prejudice the future resumption of aviation use of the site will be permitted subject to compliance with the policies of this plan.

4.     Works to deliver environmental improvements to the perimeters of the site, pending the re-establishment of active use of the site, will be encouraged.