PLY55 - Hazeldene Quarry Minerals Safeguarding Area and buffer zone

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Land at and to the north of the existing Hazeldene Quarry shall be safeguarded for the extraction of limestone aggregate, which shall include the area of known mineral reserve and a buffer zone to protect both the future extraction of the mineral and potential urban development to its north.  Proposals for extraction of aggregate should provide for:

  1. A working plan and proposed quarry operation which will be compatible with the future development of the area, to balance the extent of future mineral extraction and the maximisation of the future potential urban extension land to the north.  
  2. The provision of a landscaped environmental bund within the potential extension area to protect the amenity of future development.
  3. A strip of land along the northern part of the site, which could form part of the environmental bund and will form the ‘green link’, including a pedestrian and cycle link, between Sherford and Saltram. This will also form part of the mineral extraction safeguarding buffer zone of 125m width.
  4. Mitigation measures to address impacts as and where appropriate of mineral extraction on the natural and planned built environments, amenity, heritage, ecology and landscape and provision of suitable monitoring.
  5. An appropriate method of monitoring and review of the development’s long term environmental impacts, which may otherwise by unforeseeable. This will be achieved either through only consenting development proposals for individual phases, the impacts of which are more reasonable to predict, or through a scheme of phasing and environmental review periods to monitor and manage potential environmental impacts which can not be predicted at the time of granting consent.
  6. Any future extraction should ensure satisfactory restoration and after care proposals following the completion of mineral extraction.