SO5 - Delivering growth in Plymouth's Eastern Corridor Growth Area

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan has now been adopted! To find out more please visit the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Adoption page.

Visit the interactive Plymouth Plan to see other policies that affect decision making across Plymouth City including the Council and its partners.

To realise the potential of the Eastern Corridor Growth Area as a regionally significant growth hub through:

  1. Completing the delivery of Sherford as a unique sustainable neighbourhood with a distinctive character providing a range of quality homes and job opportunities, educational, community, recreational and leisure facilities including a new community park, a thriving town centre and local centres meeting people’s day to day needs.  
  2. Securing the future potential growth west of Sherford to deliver a new neighbourhood which retain the distinct character of Sherford providing mixed use development and green connections and a sympathetic relationship to Saltram Countryside Park.
  3. Supporting development of the Langage strategic employment site, with improved links to Plympton and enhanced connections to the A38 through a new southern access route.
  4. Ensuring that key gateways sites are defined by quality development which enhances the setting and character of the area, and that development on the urban fringes creates a clear and well-designed edge to the city. 
  5. Delivering a strategic public transport corridor, including a new Park & Ride site providing easy access off Deep Lane Junction on the A38 for both buses and Park and Ride customers, and major improvements to increase the capacity of Deep Lane Junction.
  6. Delivering Saltram Countryside Park as a green lung of the city, a high quality natural resource for recreation, healthy lifestyles, learning, and biodiversity as well as being an important heritage asset. 
  7. Improving connectivity within the Growth Area and ensuring new development integrates into existing communities and rectifies existing deficiencies to creating more permeable neighbourhoods.
  8. Securing improvements to key junctions which provide connections to the city and the A38 to maintain movement of public transport and vehicles which serve the Growth Area and wider needs of the city.
  9. Safeguarding mineral reserves in the area to meet current and future needs.
  10. Ensuring that the longer term growth potential to the east of Plymouth is comprehensively planned.