TTV7 - Spatial priorities for development in Ivybridge

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The plan seeks to enhance the vibrancy and sustainability of Ivybridge.  This will include:

1.     Providing for mixed use development to help meet local housing need and increase employment opportunities to support the long term resilience of the town.

2.     Delivering investment which enhances the identity and economy of the town alongside building stronger economic and social connections with Plymouth.

3.     Improvements to the existing road connections and junctions to the south of Ivybridge, working with relevant authorities to look for appropriate solutions to manage traffic flow in and around the town, including new and improved access to the A38 from the east of the town.

4.     Maintaining the existing retail offer, protecting the integrity of the town centre and enhancing its character.

5.     Maximising the potential of the A38, and identifying opportunities to invest in rail connections to Plymouth and Exeter.

6.     Building on the opportunities presented by proximity to Dartmoor National Park and ensuring development recognises this sensitive location.

7.     Ensuring that all development, singularly or cumulatively, will not negatively impact on the ability of the relevant authorities to improve air quality within the Western Road AQMA.

8.     Ensuring appropriate infrastructure is delivered alongside new development.