TTV25 - Development in the Sustainable Villages

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan has now been adopted! To find out more please visit the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Adoption page.

Visit the interactive Plymouth Plan to see other policies that affect decision making across Plymouth City including the Council and its partners.

Provision in the order of 550 homes will be sought from the sustainable villages as part of the overall housing supply for the TTV Policy Area.

The LPAs support the preparation of neighbourhood plans as a means of identifying local housing and other development needs in the sustainable villages. Development within the sustainable villages, including the indicative level of housing set out in Figure 5.8, should be provided through neighbourhood plans, unless such provision would conflict with other policies of the JLP.

Within sustainable villages without neighbourhood plans the LPAs will still support development that meets the identified local needs of local communities and development which responds positively to the indicative housing figures set out in Figure 5.8.   All development proposals, whether in villages which have neighbourhood plans or not, will be considered against the other policies of this plan.