PLY17 - Plymouth University and Plymouth College of Art

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan has now been adopted! To find out more please visit the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Adoption page.

Visit the interactive Plymouth Plan to see other policies that affect decision making across Plymouth City including the Council and its partners.

Plymouth University and Plymouth College of Art should continue to evolve as high quality education-led mixed-use campuses, including arts and cultural uses, incubator units / managed workspace for start-up businesses and creative industries, and other complementary uses. Purpose built student accommodation will be permitted where fully justified by evidence of need and targeted to deliver regeneration benefits, as provided for in Policies PLY6 and DEV12.

 Development should provide for the following: 

  1. Masterplan-led development which demonstrates successful integration with the City Centre and surrounding neighbourhoods.
  2. Safeguarding and enhancing the campuses as vibrant, distinctive and diverse areas, taking into consideration the needs and requirements of the local community.
  3. High quality architecture, including landmark buildings.
  4. High quality public realm, including green spaces.
  5. Active ground floor frontages which create a safe and vibrant street scene. 
  6. Pedestrian and cyclist priority on campus and secure cycle storage.
  7. Conservation and enhancement of the best historic buildings.
  8. Enhanced connections between the campuses, the City Centre, the History Centre, Railway Station and neighbouring areas of the city.
  9. Tree planting and greening of the campuses to enhance the environment and absorb air pollution.
  10. Sustainable energy strategies, including the delivery of district heating opportunities.