PLY19 - Central Park - Strategic Green Space Site

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Central Park will be a premier park for the people of Plymouth.  It will become an outstanding venue of regional and national significance for active recreation and formal sport, culture, art and the natural environment.  As part of the growth of the city significant improvements will be delivered to enhance the recreational and sporting facilities as well as increasing the wildlife and community value of the park.  This will ensure the park provides significant health and well-being benefits for communities, a vibrant and diverse hub for formal sport and recreational activities, and a space where people can access nature.  This will be achieved by:

  1. Creating a park with high quality, vibrant spaces that encourage a diversity of uses and is accessible to communities across Plymouth and beyond.
  2. Enhancing existing and creating new sporting facilities that develop the park's role as a key sporting facility for the city and region whilst being sensitive to the park's natural and historic features.
  3. Strengthening the links between the Life Centre and the sporting facilities within the park to deliver the highest quality sporting and recreational offer, catering for people of all abilities.
  4. Protecting and enhancing the park's importance for wildlife and as a key green corridor. Ensuring that trees continue to have a key role in the park landscape by delivering a strategic tree management and replacement programme.
  5. Encouraging and expanding food growing opportunities within the park to complement the existing allotment provision.
  6. Development of new high quality park facilities including cafés, performance space, children’s play spaces, landscape features, public toilets and new entrance features to complement and add value to the attractiveness and use of the park.
  7. Developing and implementing a strategic water management solution for the park that resolves historic flooding issues through innovative Sustainable Urban Drainage solutions including new water features that will be designed to add value to the park's landscape and deliver benefits for wildlife.
  8. Protecting and enhancing the park's historic features integrating them sensitively into the enhancement plans and where applicable identifying uses for features that are complementary to the park's outcomes and ensure their long term sustainability.
  9. Creating a well-connected park for pedestrians and cyclists that links to surrounding neighbourhoods and the City Centre encouraging active travel to and through the park.
  10. Ensuring any developments around the periphery of the park are sensitive to the purpose of the park and the natural and built assets it contains.