PLY59 - Site allocations in the north of Plymouth

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The following sites are allocated for development in the north of Plymouth:

Site Proposal Est. of housing provision/employment floorspace Policy considerations/things to be provided for by the development
1Former Woodlands School Site, Whitleigh
Housing72 homes


Land either side of Clittaford Road, Southway
Mixed use - housing with small/medium sized food store108 homes
    1. Local retail facilities of a scale relevant to enhancing the provision at the Southway local centre where it can be demonstrated that it would not impact on investment in higher order retail centres. 
    2. Improved connectivity to the local centre.
    3. Development fronting the streets.
    4. Access strategy to be provided.


Clittaford Road, Southway
Housing21 homes
    1. Access strategy to be provided.


Former Southway Primary School
Housing95 homes
    1. Improved access to be achieved from Bampfylde Way.


Stirling House, Honicknowle Green
Housing20 homes


Land south of Langley Crescent, SouthwayHousing14 homes


Land off Tamar Way, West Park
Housing13 homes


Southway Campus, Skerries Road 
Housing67 homes


Woodvale Nurseries, Truro Drive, Whitleigh
Housing31 homes


Land west of Ernesettle Lane, Ernesettle 
Enhancement and delivery of new playing pitch facilities
    1. Development of enhanced playing pitch facilities including the potential of full size AGP(s).
    2. A sensitively designed landscape scheme to minimise the impact of nearby highly graded heritage assets.


Fields to north of St Budeaux A38 junction
Housing94 homes
    1. Conservation or enhancement of the area's historic environment, as supported by a detailed heritage and visual landscape assessment, including:
      1. Retaining and where possible opening up key views and partial views of heritage assets, from outside and within the site, including St Budeaux parish church and embankment and Agaton Fort.
      2. Taking account of existing built boundaries and following existing lines so as to not impact on the setting of the church or encroach onto land within its settings.
      3. Taking account of the presence of Ernesettle Battery so as not to impact upon its setting or encroach on to land within its setting.
    2. Protection and maintenance of historic hedgerows.
    3. Transport assessment and mitigation in relation to Victoria interchange
    4. Development must include delivery of high quality publicly accessible greenspace to mitigate for the loss of greenspace and provide for enjoyment of the historic environment.
    5. Delivery of a Sustainable Urban Drainage system to manage surface water that is also designed to deliver wildlife and amenity benefits.


Land behind Marett Road, St Budeaux
Commercial or mixed use opportunity
    1. Sensitively designed and well landscaped scheme, providing adequate off street parking, acknowledging its prominent location, proximity to heritage assets and access and parking constraints in the locality.


Land north of Clittaford Road, Southway
Housing9 homes


Southway Football Hub (Bond Street)
Enhance playing pitch facilities
    1. Delivery of new football hub, including new and enhanced pitch provision and associated buildings and infrastructure.

15 Land between 140 and 150 Dunraven Drive, Derriford
Housing (this site is considered suitable for executive housing)6 homes
    1. Improved public access to the adjacent greenspace designated as Southway Woods Local Green Space.


Whitleigh Community Centre
Housing27 homes


Chaucer Way school site
Housing137 homes
    1. Retention of existing playing pitch.


Former Lakeside residential home
Housing15 homes