SP4 - Spatial priorities for development in Okehampton

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The plan seeks to enhance the vibrancy and sustainability of Okehampton.  This will include:

  1. Providing for mixed use development to help meet local housing need and increase employment opportunities to support the long term resilience of the town.
  2. Fully recognising the strategic location of Okehampton for employment growth.
  3. Maximising the potential of the A30, and identifying opportunities to invest in rail and bus connections to Exeter.  
  4. Enhancing the historic character and vitality of the town.
  5. Using opportunities to build community infrastructure related to new housing developments. 
  6. Maintaining and enhancing strong physical and visual connections between the town and the surrounding countryside, including Dartmoor National Park.
  7. The delivery of a new primary school in the east of the town and the relocation of the post 16 provision at Okehampton College, and the expansion of existing schools in the town.  
  8. Ensuring that all development, singularly or cumulatively, will not negatively impact on the ability of the relevant authorities to improve air quality within the town centre. 
  9. Working with relevant authorities to look for appropriate solutions to manage traffic flow in and around the town, including exploring opportunities to deliver a town centre access road, and delivery of a link road between Exeter Road and Crediton Road.
  10. Ensuring appropriate infrastructure is delivered alongside new development.  
  11. Ensuring that development on the edges of the town is designed sensitively to respond to the changing character from urban to rural.