TTV3 - Strategic infrastructure measures for the Main Towns

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan has now been adopted! To find out more please visit the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan: Adoption page.

Visit the interactive Plymouth Plan to see other policies that affect decision making across Plymouth City including the Council and its partners.

The following key strategic measures and infrastructure projects will be provided during the plan period in order to support the delivery of the strategy for the Main Towns.

  1. Road linking Crediton Road to Exeter Road in Okehampton.
  2. A386 improvements between Tavistock and Plymouth (subject to a further study to identify key interventions, all modes to be considered, and including consideration to cycle route and public transport measures).  
  3. Improvements to rail infrastructure in Okehampton and Tavistock.
  4. Connectivity across and along the River Dart will be improved by increasing the number of ferry services and their frequency.
  5. Expansion of early year places, primary school and secondary school provision where required.
  6. Expansion of special educational needs places.
  7. Totnes flood defence scheme.
  8. Victoria Road, Dartmouth, flood alleviation scheme.
  9. Kingsbridge flood alleviation scheme.