SPT13 - Strategic infrastructure measures to deliver the spatial strategy

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The LPAs will work in partnership with key funding partners and investors in order to ensure that the infrastructure needed to deliver the spatial strategy is delivered. Any land required to deliver these infrastructure measures will be safeguarded. Investment will be guided towards these priorities to ensure their timely delivery, and where schemes need to be delivered in advance of development, financial contributions will be sought retrospectively through the Section 106 process where appropriate. This includes strategic infrastructure measures to unlock the sustainable growth potential of Plymouth’s three Growth Areas and the Thriving Towns and Villages, as identified in other policies of this plan and listed in the schedule in Annex 1 of this plan. Infrastructure categories provided for include:

  1. Strategic transport improvements for all modes of transport, alongside complementary transport behaviour programmes.
  2. Strategic economic infrastructure.
  3. Strategic public realm improvements.
  4. Strategic sports sites and specific sports and local facilities that meet the sporting needs of the of the area.
  5. Strategic green infrastructure sites and a functional network of greenspaces which meet the needs of local communities and help to avoid recreational impacts on European Sites and enhance the natural environment.
  6. Community, education and health infrastructure.
  7. Strategic drainage and flood defence.
  8. Utilities infrastructure.
  9. Burials and cremation services.