PLY41 - Derriford Community Park Strategic Greenspace

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Derriford Community Park will become a highly valued environmental, social and educational asset, a resource for the people of Plymouth and a regional destination for environmental learning.  This will be achieved through:

  1. Delivery of a high quality, accessible, natural green space, which retains and enhances the areas unique character, safeguards landscape features and the farmsteads that are historically significant and capitalises on key views.
  2. Delivery of the Environmental Learning Hub at the heart of the park, next to the new school building north of the new Seaton Neighhbourhood.  The learning hub will include:
      1. Classrooms, meeting rooms and offices that will support a diverse range of environmentally focused learning and social enterprise opportunities and the management of the wider park.
      2. An animal park that will support learning outcomes and enable communities to have hands on experiences with large and small animals.  This will include indoor facilities and grazing paddocks.
      3. Will provide a focal and arrival point for the Park and include outdoor facilities such as growing areas, orchards and play spaces.
      4. The building itself will be designed to the highest environmental standards and be an exemplar of sustainable design.
      5. The hub will provide a focus for outdoor learning, with an emphasis on wildlife, food production and farming.
  3. The Establishment of a network of pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the park connected to new and existing communities through the creation of entrance ways and access points. The routes through the Park will enhance connectivity between adjoining communities and facilities in Derriford and form part of the city's strategic networks for walking and cycling.
  4. Enable the continuation of farming within the city. Grazing by livestock will play a crucial role in managing the park and increasing the wildlife value of the grasslands. The park will need to retain facilities for operational farm activities and access.  The park will also provide focus for community food growing and processing facilities that support wider community led social enterprise opportunities.
  5. Enable landscape scale restoration of wildlife habitats which will include the incorporation of mitigation measures and surface water attenuation for adjoining developments. The wildlife restoration will include the enhancement of flower rich grasslands, the planting of new and enhancement of existing woodland, new/enhanced hedgerows, enhancement of stream habitat and new wetland areas and the creation of new features for bats, birds, reptiles and insects.
  6. Enable a good relationship with the adjacent Seaton Neighbourhood ensure sensitive boundaries and connections are achieved.