PLY43 - University of St Mark and St John

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The improvement and expansion of the Marjon campus will be supported to enable the University to realise its ambitions for growth and to deliver the key strategic sports hub in the north of Plymouth. Development proposed on the campus should:

  1. Be subject to site-wide masterplanning to ensure a co-ordinated approach to development.
  2. Facilitate a reconfiguration of the campus to improve its relationship to Derriford Commercial Centre, and help to deliver improved links to this proposed centre of activity, as well as improving links to adjacent residential and commercial uses such as Plymouth Science Park.
  3. Take opportunities to improve the campus’s relationship with the Derriford Community Park, and preserve existing ecological and landscape assets on the campus wherever possible.
  4. Increase community use of the campus facilities through, for example, public engagement with its performing arts functions, as well as its sporting facilities.
  5. Allow for the creation of small shops and related services on campus that are necessary to serve the day-to-day needs of its users, but are of a limited scale and nature such that they are not harmful to the retail hierarchy.
  6. Provide for future connections to a district heating network.
  7. Develop a site-wide Sustainable Drainage Strategy to ensure that the flood risk and drainage requirements associated with the site’s location within a critical drainage area can be met on site and are designed to deliver landscape, biodiversity and amenity benefits.