PLY45 - Plym Valley Strategic Greenspace

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The Plym Valley forms an important landscape, wildlife and recreation site on the edge of the city.  Its functions will be protected and improved to enhance the sites ability to support the growth of the Plymouth Policy Area by:

  1. The delivery of a strategic access network across the site which encourages active recreation in a manner which is sensitive to the sites natural and historic assets and the working landscape.
  2. Providing new and improved connections to adjacent communities and enhanced walking and cycling links to encourage visits by sustainable means.
  3. Delivering landscape scale biodiversity enhancement across the site.
  4. Ensuring the landscape value of the site is protected and enhanced and the site continues to provide a strong natural edge and attractive setting for Plymouth.
  5. Protecting and enhancing the wealth of historic assets within the valley as part of the sites development ensuring people have the opportunity to appreciate and learn about the heritage of the area.
  6. Supporting the development and enhancement of facilities to support the visitor experience across the valley in locations and with a design and form that is sensitive to the special qualities of the site and support the long term sustainable management of the valley.
  7. Supporting the continuation of forestry and farming as a sustainable way of maintaining the function and value of the site but ensuing the practises take full account and support the special values of the site.
  8. Supporting the development of appropriate recreational activities within the valley providing they are sensitive to the functions and values of the site.