PLY47 - Strategic infrastructure measures for the Derriford and Northern Corridor Growth Area

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The following key strategic infrastructure measures will be provided during the plan period, in addition to proposals identified in other policies of this plan, in order to support the delivery of the strategy for the Derriford and Northern Corridor Growth Area:

  1. A386 and B3250 capacity and bus priority improvements including the Derriford Transport Scheme and Woolwell Roundabout to the George Junction scheme.  A386 improvements to be considered as part of a wider study of the A386 corridor up to Tavistock, considering all transport modes.
  2. Forder Valley Link Road, with associated capacity and bus priority improvements on the A38 at Forder Valley Interchange and Marsh Mills roundabout.
  3. Marjon link road.
  4. Capacity and bus priority upgrades to the A38 Manadon junction including improvements to the A38 Trunk Road, the B3250 Mannamead Road and the A386 Outland Road.
  5. Strategic public transport measures to support increased use in the Derriford area including the Marjon Link Road and Derriford Hospital Interchange schemes, the widening of Morlaix Drive and improvements to Brest Road.
  6. Improved Northern Corridor Park and Ride sites and services.
  7. Reopening the rail link between Tavistock and Plymouth, providing sustainable alternative travel for the entire A386 corridor from Tavistock to Plymouth through the Growth Area.
  8. New public car park at Derriford, which incorporates sufficient secure cycle parking, and parking management controls for the Derriford area.
  9. Northern Corridor Strategic Cycling and Walking network improvements. 
  10. New primary school at Derriford.
  11. A new waterworks at Roborough to meet the long term water supply needs for Plymouth and the surrounding areas., facilitating development of Glacis Park.