PLY60 - Site allocations in Plympton and Plymstock

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The following sites are allocated for development in Plympton and Plymstock:

Site Proposal Est. of housing provision/employment floorspace Policy considerations/things to be provided for by the development
1Land at Redwood Drive, ChaddlewoodHousing190 homes
    1. Delivery of off site highways works.
    2. Delivery of a new high quality park adjacent to the development to mitigate for the loss of the greenspace.


Downham School
Housing28 homes
    1. Provision of safe pedestrian access/egress route in times of flooding.


Former Plympton Hospital
Housing54 homes


Land at Staddiscombe Road/Goosewell Road, Staddiscombe New playing pitch
    1. New grass football pitch.


Land at 60 Vinery Lane, Plymstock
Housing (this the site is considered suitable for executive housing)5 homes


Former MoD site Turnchapel Wharves, Turnchapel
Marine employment uses (B1b,c; B2, B8)8,440 sq.m. employment floorspace
    1. Wharves and slipways to be retained for marine use purposes.
      Measures to ensure development is safe and does not increase flood risk elsewhere.


Land between Undercliff Road and Barton Road, Turnchapel
Housing7 homes
    1. Trees protected by TPOs on site to be retained within the development site.
      Measures to ensure development is safe and does not increase flood risk elsewhere.


Errill Retail Park, Plymouth Road, Plympton 
Housing 60 homes
    1. Access improvements.
      Measures to ensure development is safe and does not increase flood risk elsewhere.


Land at Plympton House, Plympton Housing with improved access to open space14 homes
    1. Open space improvements and access to Registered Park and Garden.


Land off Newnham Road, Colebrook
Housing52 homes
    1. Comprehensive re-development of site.
    2. Support given to provide for the relocation of the existing businesses elsewhere within the city.
    3. Development not to commence until measures agreed to ensure that there is a net improvement in both on- and off-site flood risks.


Boringdon ParkPlaying pitch hub and cycling facilities (closed loop cycle track)
    1. Development to take place in a manner which does not harm and instead enhances the setting of the nearby heritage assets, including the Boringdon Arch as demonstrated by appropriate environmental and heritage assessments.
    2. Provision of adequate off-street parking.
    3. Landscaping scheme to implemented as integral part of the proposal including new planting adjacent to the Plym Valley to buffer areas of the woodland.
    4. Good connections to the adjacent Coypool development (PLY53), the Plym Valley cycleway and adjacent strategic greenspace areas to be provided.
    5. Enabling development will be acceptable to facilitate the delivery of the sports facilities and the other provisions of this policy, provided that it is well related to the Coypool development, and it respects the urban fringe character of the site and does not break the skyline when the site is viewed from off-site locations to the south.


Land at Bell Close, Plympton
Employment - B1b,c, B2 & B82,000 sq,m, employment floorspace
    1. Mitigation to be provided for the loss of publicly accessible greenspace.
    2. The development design to create a good relationship with the adjacent land designated as local greenspace.
    3. Delivery of a Sustainable Urban Drainage system to manage surface water that is also designed to deliver wildlife and amenity benefits.